Our services include everything
Marketing, Digital Media, Print and Online related

If you need something that's not listed here, please contact us. We have 20+ years of professional service provider experience and it's pretty hard to find something to surprise us with. Which is some times actually a bit sad, because we really do love a challenge. 

What ever you might need, we can definitely help you.
And if your requirements can surprise us — all the better. 






Brand building    Anything and everything related to your identity   High quality work & designs   

Creating a logo and logo-variations for different usage cases — like print, screen, desktop, mobile, color, black and white, big and small and so on. Choosing color combinations and text shrift types for your brand, creating rules how they can and must be used etc. 

Everything that is needed to build your brand with pride and consistency, for all the years to come. 

This is the most important step for your business, in regard to establishing your brand. Like building a house. A strong foundation for everything that comes next. 

Getting this right makes all your upcoming marketing activities run smooth. And saves a lot of time and money in the future.

All of this and more will be combined into and handed over as your Brand Style-Book + design files. Everything in high resolution and quality.

A professional Brand  Style-Book for your business, that you can be proud of. 

How come everybody recognizes brands like Jollybee, Coca-Cola, Nike etc? They got this part right! 

This holds true regardless if your aim is international, national or island specific. 


Any design job for print or online  From business-cards to social media ads  Or PVC stands to video-banners  

Great brands have a personality, quality and consistency. And a great brand does not necessarily mean a big company. Be it your business-card or discount flyer, restaurant menu or simply a price-list, social media post, campaign or online advertisement, 30 feet PVC printout or booklet of your services. 

Every piece of paper, online post, document you send on paper or via email, booklet, menu, flyer, online banner, video-clip or what ever kind of material — all and everything is an integral part of your marketing machine. Part of a whole.

We make sure all your materials are well presented in both print and online. With the highest quality and reflecting the attention to detail that you offer for your customers. 

People recognize quality and businesses offering that are the ones that survive hardships and crisis and succeed in the long term. We build for success and display quality.

Consistently.  Without exemptions.


Check our Facebook Page and Instagram for more designs and examples of our work. Logo, identity and brand related designs, website designs, business cards, menus, PCV or counter stands, light-boxes and more! 

Everything that we have created, built and installed for our clients right here at  our beloved Siquijor Island.  

Please come visit and follow our social media pages to see how we work,
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A modern mobile-first Website   Easy to update   With personal training    Support service   

We have created websites for businesses since 1999 and can definitely give you peace of mind regarding your online-representation. 

You will have modern tools to update the information on the website fast and easily. Your website will appear perfectly both on desktop, smartphone or tablets. And will have top-notch design and features to service your customers with high efficiency.

Your website can have social media integrations, contact forms, customer support features and online chat, ordering or booking tools and much-much more.

Customer-focused design will ensure that it's easy for your customers to find the content or products that they’re looking for.

SEO-ready website. We will include automatic Search Engine Optimization tools, so that your website will have high ranking position in Google search results. 

Secure, enterprise-grade encryption will ensure your data privacy and even more higher position in Google results.

The list of possible website features is very long and will be chosen after we examine your needs and goals.

Full training
You and your team or staff will have full training on how to use and update your new website. This includes face-to-face training and pre-recorded tutorials with examples and documentation.

Support & maintenance
If you need bigger updates in the future or simply don't have the time to always take care of the website yourself, we are happy to help lighten your load.

Planning for Success

Your website can be simply a (useless) place to display your logo and contacts, or it can be a well planned part of your businesses tool-box that will support your daily activities, adds value to your services and earns you money.

We will start the panning process from your customers perspective — let's find out what do they want and give it to them. How to rise the efficiency of services, what online services can add value to your customers and how to keep them coming back to the website or to your place of business and increase your profits? 

Let's discuss.

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Web shop   Bookings   Payment & sales solutions   Online Ordering  

Buying and selling of goods or services and accepting payments using the internet — that's e-commerce

There are many possibilities in launching your own e-commerce solution. Online shop, booking on your website, online ordering of products or a paid subscription membership website for some services etc. The possibilities are literally endless. Today you can buy and sell pretty much anything using the internet and more services appear all the time. 

We have built e-commerce solutions since 1999 and can advise you in all aspects. What kind of service model or solution would suit your needs best, can you use a pre-built software or do you need build your own, what kind of payments you want to accept etc.  

Let's have a discussion and get
your ideas off the ground. 

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Facebook   Instagram   Twitter   LinkedIn   YouTube   

A business has to follow the masses of people and here in the Philippines all the people are in Facebook. And we mean exactly that — all the people! 

That's the way it just is. Every single person who owns a smartphone here, almost certainly also has an Facebook account. And that's about everybody, right?

That's why we consider Facebook Business Page to be an absolute "must have" if your target audience is pinoy. 

We will create or re-design your Facebook Business Page and also set up Facebook Business Manager account + app for you. You will be ready to do some serious Facebook Business heavy-lifting.

We will help you with everything — setting up workflows for your team, connecting the accounts, creating access rights and define roles, prepare your target audience and everything else you or your team might need. Including the required guidance, training and help with marketing.

And if your target audience is in some other social media channel, we can help with that also. Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or somewhere else. And of course don't be in social media just for the sake of being there. Choose the best channel where you can connect and build relationships with your customer base.

Two thirds of the Philippines, that's 70+ million Filipinos are now online and many of them spend up to 10 hours in social media every single day. That's more then any other country. That is the reason why social media and online marketing are your best bet to find new customers. And we are here to help. 

How do we know what exactly do you need?
That's easy. Let's have a chat.

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Website content   Social media posts   Blog articles   Newsletters    Graphical content   Video   

How to turn a Website or Social Media visitor into a customer? Having your contacts displayed on your Website is great, but is that enough to make a sale? Or does it require something more? How to make your website stand out?

How to keep your Social Media active and gain users? How to share captivating info to your customers? And how to make people read blog posts about your business? How to do that all in a professional and appealing way?

How to capture the attention of visitors? How to create Social Media posts that people actually notice, take a look at, engage and share to their friends too? How to make them remember and come back to check your pages again?

How to get high rankings in the Google Search results? How to stand out in the ocean of websites that search engine algorithm processes and how to get a good position and actually reach people?

How to get professional looking photos and videos? Photos of your business, your workday activities, funny incidents, product displays etc — how to use things like that to capture interest of and turn that into a profit?

How to make sales to your existing customers? How to keep track and communicate with them? How to keep them coming back to use your services or buy products again and again? 

The answer is market research and spending a lot of time

Creating original and informative content for your Website, researching your customer base and making sure visitors get answers to the questions that they are looking for.  Creating informative Blog articles for visitors and making sure they rank well in search engines. Creating content for your Social media posts. Writing Newsletters for your customers, informing them about your services, offers and making new sales. Creating informative and original content about your services, products, activities.  Offering solutions and answers to the problems and questions of your visitors. Without them asking. And don't be like all your competitors and copy-paste from the web. Stand out, be original!

We can help you with all of that and much-much more.
To turn visitors to customers. To become a winner.  


Content Marketing   Social Media Marketing   Search Engine Marketing   Web Marketing   

Online Marketing is any kind of advertising activity using the Internet. That covers Google Search results or Maps, Facebook or other Social Media channels, messaging apps, some specific Websites, even mobile apps in some cases, anywhere and everywhere in today's interconnected World. 

Everything and everyone is online today. And it is our job
to turn online users into your customers.

Do research and target Smart

Target audience research and targeting is King in online marketing. This will allow us to target your advertisements as specifically as possible and connect with your specific customer base. To save you money. 

Spend Smart to maximize profit

Advertising is relatively expensive and usually gets billed by views or clicks. It is only profitable if considerable amount of those views and clicks result in actual sales. 

So, we need to be smart and target people who are  part of your audience and actually might purchase your products or services. 

You can close your eyes and spend hundreds of bullets to hopefully hit your target. Or you can take aim and hit your target with a single shot.

It is our job to save your bullets.

Let's get started


Contact Management    Customer Newsletters   Personal Marketing Database    Make new sales — free forever   

Building and having your own e-mail marketing customer database is one of the best marketing/sales tool that your business can ever have

Growing your e-mail marketing database is slow , it takes patience and persistence, but the results and profits you will make will also only grow bigger as the time passes.

Imagine how easy it will be to make new sales when you eventually will have hundreds, even thousands of happy customers in your mailing list and you can send them new offers in a snap. Directly to the e-mail inbox in their office or to the phone in the customers pocket. 

Again and again and again, for free, forever!

This truly is one of those activities where
your patience gets rewarded.

Collect all customer contacts to your e-mail marketing database and start sending them regularly newsletters and new offers.

Your contacts database will grow bigger and bigger. Month by month, year by year. As time passes, it will only get better! All you need is persistence.

All those customers already know you, have used and are interested in your services. You don't need to convince them on your quality. Making new sales  to them is easy!

We will give you the tools and share the know-how to properly set up your
e-mail marketing and turn this dream-scenario into a reality.

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Accounting   Invoicing   CRM   Inventory   POS   Projects   Planning   Expenses   and much more...   

Back-office is the backbone of
any successful business

Accounting, invoicing, customers and sales data, planning workflows, tasks, projects and appointments, managing schedules, keeping an eye on daily operations and your inventory, collecting service results or customer satisfaction info, making informed decisions based on data, not gut feeling, analyzing and planning for the future etc.

Typical business on our island is small

We realize that. And there is a lot of back-office tools that even a small business can use. To save time and money by operating with greater efficiency. Have less hiccups and problems in their daily operations, better management of finances, persistence in operations and and therefore a higher chance to grow and succeed.

Saves time and brings efficiency

Yes, you can do those tasks using paper, notes, Google calendar, spreadsheets etc. Of course it can be done, but not a single really successful business is doing that.

But yes, many try to re-invent the wheel. And as years pass their mess grows bigger, problems accumulate and eventually they fail and close down.

Or you can follow the lead of successful entrepreneurs and use specialized back-office solution that has purpose-built tools and apps for every single task that your business might face. 

And as years roll by, everything in your business runs smooth, is well organized and things get done.

Our goal is to improve the way a business is run, done and managed here at our beloved island. By sharing our experience and expertise. 

We are happy to take a look at your current daily operations and requirements, examine your goals and wishes, listen to your ideas, talk about the future and recommend tools that will help you. 

The first steps and selection of tools are most important. Additional tools can follow in the future as your business grows. Tools that work together and build value. For a greater chance of success.

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SaaS - Software as a Service   Affordable  Quality quarantee   Support   Maintenance  Full training 
Our Back-office software is available for an affordable monthly or quarterly fee, which is especially convenient for a smaller business

This ensures that you always have the newest and best tools, all the latest updates and don't have to worry about any maintenance issues. We make sure that everything is working 24/7. 

You can concentrate on running and growing your business and we handle all the IT stuff. 

This also guarantees you the best service! Simply because we really need you to be a happy customer. So that you would continue to use our service and we would get the next payment. 

We're not attempting to just sell you some piece of software for a fast profit and then leave you alone. 

Our goal is long term partnership where both parties are happy. We want you to use our service only if it brings you real value.

Our service also includes support, maintenance and full training for you or your staff. And any time you have a question or you run into some issue — we are always available to help you. 

And we are happy to visit you too, we are all right here on our small island after all. Sharing the same dreams and cheering for each-others success.

Thank you for taking the time to read what we have to offer. Have a beautiful day!


We solve problems and build solutions that create value — for you.

Let's have a chat about how we can help you.