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Hello! We are marketing experts and full stack developers with experience offering digital business services since 1999.
Originally from Europe, living in the Philippines starting 2014 and working here full time. And we're all into #crypto too.

Why are we telling you all of that? Full disclosure is the fundation for a partnership. 
Starting 2023 it is our goal to concentrate 100% to service #Web3 and #Blockchain projects.
You can hire an entire team of professionals to work for you.


Marketing professionals who also understand blockchain

We walk the walk, talk the talk and understand the change that's coming.  This is our way to become a part in shaping that future. 

We want to join your team. 

There's many marketing professionals out there, but probably only a few have a true understanding of what all of this crypto stuff is. And how can you market or build something that you don't really understand?

Hire our team and you don't have that problem!

We get blockchain.

On the technical, political, societal and philosophical level. What's it all really about and what potential it holds for the future.

Like most people — we also came for the gains, but stayed for the tech and for what it all holds for the future of everyone. Now we live and breath it daily and not even bear-markets or any amount of FUD can break our conviction.

We are already part of the crypto community
and we want to do more. A lot more.

Web 1+2=3

We combine all of our experience and expertise gained thru the growth of Web1 and Web2, servicing clients and accumulating knowledge — to make your current Web3 project a success.

We are the bridge from your project to reaching the regular people. You already know complicated #crypto is. Especially for new people. But you need to market a project in a way that regular folks will get it. And we have done exactly that for 24 years.

Adoption can happen only when people understand what is it that you are building and offering. It needs to be explained in clear and simple terms.

They must understand what your project is all about — without doing extensive research. That comes next. Peaking interest must be painless and fast. For a mass adoption it's the only way and not the simplest thing to do. 

That's our job. 
 And we code too.

Open (Source) vision

The fundamentals of openness, freedom, privacy and personal choice of #crypto and #blockchain have always been important for us. For example most of our desktops/laptops are running on Debian Linux. We just like stuff that is reliable and secure. Our primary everyday tools are all Open Source software and have been for many years. But of curse we are not strangers to industry standard tools like Adobe etc. 

Security and privacy is also important for any blockchain project, wallet holder or trader and you can rest assured, that we take that sh*t seriously too. There won't be any sensitive info and passwords leaking out or getting hacked from our end.

If you partner with us, you will be getting more then just a few handsome dudes than can drag around pretty pictures and copy-paste javascript. You will find that in addition to marketing skills, we are very tech-savvy. Many of our traditional services  include development and IT related work. That's why we also feel very comfortable with the blockchain. We get what's being built and and how to explain technical aspects of your product to regular people. 

UX is extremely important part of any product development and we might even give some feedback and design suggestions on that front. If that is something you might need. A fresh look at user experience design by someone outside of your dev team never hurts, right.

Ready for growth

We are very exited to bring our expertise to your blockchain/web3 project. We also have an entire network of partners and other professionals who's work we can supervise and guide, if some tasks might need extra hands as your project grows.

Let's have a discussion about how we can join your team.

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PS. Looking to hire a Developer?

Martin is very interested in becoming a member of a blockchain project as a developer. He's been doing development on different platforms for over 20+ years and is now looking into blockchain dev with great interest. Smart Contract languages, dApp's and all the other good stuff. All of he's free time is spent exploring the depths of the blockchain.

If you need an experienced developer who's ready to get into blockchain development and continue to learn and grow with the project, then please check out Martin's Github. Maybe he is exactly who you're looking for. A passionate full stack developer, taking a crypto-deepdive.


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